Restaurant in Nice with a Michelin star

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Date d'envoi: 31/05/2024 09:59:24

Near the port of Nice, between the sea and the mountains, a stone's throw from the Italian border, there is a small authentic restaurant with jasmine and climbing wisteria. Les Agitateurs, located on the corner of Rue François Guisol and Rue Bonaparte, is the starting point for new horizons in the culinary world.

When you enter Les Agitateurs restaurant, you are immediately immersed in an atmosphere of comfort and hospitality. Its small area creates an intimate setting, ideal for a romantic dinner or meeting with friends. The interior of Les Agitateurs combines elements of classic style and modern design, making it unique and memorable. Visit the Michelin restaurant guide in Nice

But, of course, the main highlight of Les Agitateurs is its culinary art. The restaurant's chef works real miracles in the kitchen, delighting guests with his creations. Les Agitateurs menu offers a wide variety of dishes inspired by French and Mediterranean cuisine. There is something for everyone here: from fresh seafood to gourmet meat dishes, from light salads to delicious desserts. Each dish is prepared with love and presented with exquisite presentation.

If you want to try the real gastronomic masterpieces of Les Agitateurs, but do not want to risk leaving a seat in the restaurant free, you can use the online table reservation service on the official website of the restaurant. Here you can familiarize yourself with the menu, choose the right time and place for your visit. The Les Agitateurs team guarantees that your experience at the restaurant will be unforgettable and leave only the most positive impressions.

Les Agitateurs is not just a restaurant, it is a place where passion for cooking and love for guests meet. Here you can enjoy excellent dishes, immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere and experience real taste pleasures. So don't miss the opportunity to book a table at Les Agitateurs and embark on an unforgettable culinary journey!

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