How to reset the PIN in Trezor Suite?

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Date d'envoi: 23/05/2024 07:56:06
If you have forgotten the PIN that you have created to access your Trezor Wallet device then you can follow some easy steps. First of all, you need to bring your Trezor device to the bootloader mode. To do so, you need to plug in your Trezor device and swipe your fingers across your Trezor device. While connecting the device, you need to use the index and middle finger to hold and press the given buttons simultaneously.

When your device is connected to the bootloader mode, you will see a green-colored gear icon. This will open the settings menu on your screen. Now, make sure that you have your secret recovery phrase with you. Once you ensure that, click on the red-colored "Factory Reset" option. Now, after performing the factory reset, everything will be wiped off from your device.

While the next window arrives, you need to select the checkboxes that appear on your screen. When your device is wiped off, you can reconnect your wallet and then open the Trezor Suite. From the suite, install the firmware, recover your wallet using the Secret Recovery Phrase, and then you can set up a new wallet PIN.

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