How to deposit crypto in your Phantom wallet extension?

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Date d'envoi: 13/04/2024 00:43:36
Being a new user of the Phantom wallet, you might have several queries on your mind and you do not need to worry about finding an answer to your queries. The user interface of the wallet is so easy to understand that you'll be able to decode half of the operations yourself. Similar is the case when it comes to making your first deposit on the Phantom Wallet extension. So, what do you think you are supposed to do when you have to make your first deposit in your crypto wallet?
Well, the answer to this question lies right here in this article and you'll soon be able to find out what you are supposed to do if you wish to transfer funds from a crypto exchange or wallet to your newly created Phantom wallet.
Receiving crypto in Phantom Wallet 
Whether you are planning to deposit ETH, SOL, or MATIC in your phantom wallet, the process that you must follow is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is follow the set of steps that are listed right here. This will help you fetch your wallet address for the Phantom Wallet extension and then you'll be able to deposit crypto assets into it:
Step 1- First of all you need to launch the Phantom Wallet extension or the Phantom App on your device.
Step 2-If you have been logged out of your wallet, you must sign into it once again.
Step 3- Choose the "Deposit" option on your screen
Step 4- Look for the preferred crypto token that you wish to deposit into your wallet i.e. ETH, MATIC, SOL, etc.
Step 5- This will be the same token for which you will be shown the wallet address or the corresponding QR Code
Step 6- When you are shown the deposit address or the QR code, you must take actions i.e. select the "Copy" button to copy the Phantom Wallet extension address.  
You can also scan or share the given QR code to finally receive crypto assets into your wallet.

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