How to add Polygon to MetaMask?

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Date d'envoi: 07/08/2023 04:38:21
MetaMask, a wallet rich in safety standards and crypto-related amenities, has been serving its services since 2018 all across the world. If you are already involved in the crypto industry and also interested in navigating the decentralized economy, you might have well-versed with the MetaMask ask Wallet. But, in case you have just dipped your toes in the ocean of the DeFi world with the help of MetaMask Wallet, you need to learn about it in detail.
If we talk about the networks supported by the MetaMask wallet, you should be aware that basically it is designed to support Ethereum Mainnet and supports the ETH network by default. But, in case you want to buy, send, bridge, or stake crypto and tokens of any other network, you need to add that network manually on MetaMask.
Yes! Don't worry, the process of doing is quite straightforward and just asks for a couple of easy actions. Let's say, you are seeking assistance to add Polygon to MetaMask , then all you need to do is, unlock your MetaMask Wallet and go to the "Accounts" menu. From there, choose the "Networks" option and further press "Add a network". Hereby, you'll be prompted to add the Polygon network detail manually. So, go through the information stated right below for Polygon Mainnet and fill it out where needed.
READ MORE:-Users are advised to lock their wallets if they are not using them. So, we are here enlisting a couple of actions that you need to perform if you want to log out of MetaMask

Date d'envoi: 18/08/2023 02:57:37
MetaMask Chrome extension is one of the most successful, highly-recognized, and secure browser extensions that support MetaMask operations on the web plugin. Not only it aids in running the extension on your device, but it also adds/improves the core functionalities of the existing web browser that you are running. There are a few other extensions also that allow users to function their wallet activities through their computer/laptop, but the one that gained immense popularity is the Chrome extension launched and added to the mechanism of the MetaMask wallet. Readmore MetaMask extension Getting an authentic version of the extension is of utmost importance and the sole platform or page from which you can get it is “Chrome Web Store”. You can either directly reach this store or can get redirected to the extension page from the official website of MetaMask

Date d'envoi: 30/08/2023 04:55:25
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